8 week MBSR program


We are all profoundly unique and yet, we are all humans with a need for: love, connection, safety and self-esteem. How we get to experience our humanity is through our connection with others: loved ones, pets, strangers and even nature. If stress is constricting our lives, it restricts our ability to be present with others and the environment around us. At the intersect of curiosity, self-love and mindfulness lives freedom and the ability to respond rather than react to life's challenges. I look forward to diving into this practice of self-discovery with you.

8 week MBSR program | January 22nd 2019

Let's explore present moment awareness together over the course of 8 weeks. We will practice in an intimate group once a week and you will be set up with resources to practice on our own while we are apart. During week 6 or 7 we will come together for a full day retreat. I am excited to offer this program in 2019 and hold space for us to practice and get into self-discovery together. Program sign will go live in November 2018! January Van City Series will start mid January. 


Before we get started, a few apps we recommend include:








Questions about mBSR?

How might mindfulness meditation benefit my life?

The direct benefit is living our lives in this moment with awareness instead of "on automatic pilot" or solely in the past or future. Patients often report greater joy for the simple things in life, such as a shared moment with their child or partner or more aware of the change of seasons as flowers bloom and snow falls. We begin to realize that there is more “right” with us than “wrong” with us as we become more engaged in our lives. Many of the side effects of mindfulness meditation found in scientific research include decrease in psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression as well as greater stability in physical symptoms such as blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Ultimately, it is an empirical question and everyone is encouraged to find out for themselves how mindfulness meditation might benefit their lives.

How is mindfulness different from other forms of contemplative practice?

Mindfulness is a practice of present moment awareness. Mindfulness increases ability to see things as they arise clearly without judgment. Mindfulness facilitates both focusing and widening our attention as we become aware of ourselves and the world around us. The “goal” is to be more fully present in our lives. There are many types of contemplative practices and the Center for Mindfulness encourages exploration of practices that allow people to increase their well-being. Many other contemplative practices have a specific focus such as building concentration, one-pointed awareness, or a relationship with a higher power. If mindfulness does not match your interest you may wish to explore other forms of contemplative practices.

Do I need to have experience with meditation or yoga prior to the course?

No…While prior mindfulness practice may motivate individuals to take MBSR, the MBSR program and teacher have no expectation that participants have experience with meditation or yoga or any other mindfulness practice. Everyone will have the opportunity to explore and experience mindfulness while having a skilled teacher to guide and help answer questions about practice. For those that have experience with meditation or yoga in the past, the course can be a good refresher to rebuild a strong daily practice.

More information can be found at UMass Medical + UCSD Health