About mndsight

mndsight crafts personalized mindfulness programs for companies, teams and individuals by intentionally listening to what is needed. Grounded in research and psychology, our offered mindfulness tools are well studied and validated. We believe that perception is the key to mindfulness and the practice can help us expand our awareness of self; we can ultimately learn to operate from a place of kindness, forgiveness and choice. Our modern take on inviting mindfulness into the everyday life is what puts our two feet on the ground in the morning.

We have a roster full of amazing companies and athletes that have taken the plunge into diving into a deeper connection with themselves. Companies we have worked with: Beau Monde Academy, Rove Goods, Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy, BC Tech,  , Eastwood.X, University of British Columbia and Court Abram Photography.

Our vibrant Wellness Team always has their finger on the pulse and keeps our collective up to date on everything surrounding a healthy mind + body. Be sure to check out their latest offerings and posts.

THE mndsight vibe (aka our mission statement)

We imagine a world filled with self-aware individuals that lead from a place of empathy and compassion.

We acknowledge that we lead multidimensional lives and with that, our life requires us to be in many different settings: work, home, the gym, with family, out with friends and by ourselves. However, at the root of it all we are human and after food and shelter, our basic need is love and belonging. This is mndsight's common language and we commit to holding space and making it possible for these two basic needs to be met no matter what setting we are contributing to. Success for us, is defined by how many people we have positively impacted through our engagement and how we empower others to join us in the practice of self-love.

For empathy and compassion to exist, it first must exist within us.


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Chrissy Abram

Founder and Mindfulness Teacher

Chrissy, the space creator and visionary. Her best life is connecting with others and supporting them on their unique journey of cultivating mindfulness in their day to day routines. Her heart beats a little bit faster when she hears about an experience that illuminates compassion and empathy, she is a stand for destigmatizing mental health and holding space for a new evolution of well being to exist. Chrissy's background in research supports her content development and practice that she teaches. You will find Chrissy engaging with UCSD Health where she was certified in MBSR, teaching yoga and mindfulness around the Vancouver, BC community at local businesses and for athletic teams + at lululemon athletica's head office working on the innovation team.


MBSR Teacher, E-RYT 200, FMS Level 1 + 2, MM Powered Mentorship Program w/Dana Santas , Integrated Restoration Institute Yoga Nidra Training level 1UVIC BA Psychology, American Mindfulness Research Association Practice Professional Member

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Court Abram

Co-Founder + Resident Photographer + Partnerships

Court, the photographer and logistics guru by day and animal rescuer by night. Having worked in all aspects of the event world: planning, creating memories with athletes around the globe and bringing visions to life, Court knows how to throw a party, and capture the memories. You will see Court at Saje Natural Wellness , curating events for The Run of Show in Vancouver, BC and behind the lens at www.courtabram.com

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Tas goel | mindful mom + real talk specialist

Dr. Brett simpson | Naturopathic Doctor