Audacious Authenticity
They believe in showing the light and full spectrum of possibility in every situation. By staying true to transparency, they inspire their community to do the same – in all facets of their lives. MNDSIGHT doesn't hold back from sharing the tears, the occasional dark cloud or the silly laughs and moments of joy, because that’s REAL life.

Kill-Em-With-Kindness Generosity
With their knowledge, their time and their energy. They lead communities wholeheartedly towards being more gentle with their beliefs, their minds and their bodies.

Twinning Trust
They place double the faith in the power of possibility, their community and that everything has a lesson to teach them. Even if it's the F-word, Failure!

Seriously, this happens all the time... They get stuff done, but they know how to take a break to have a totally unserious conversation. If they’re not laughing or finding the lightness in everything, they’re moving on to the next thing.


To hold a safe, welcoming, accessible space for burned-out humans to unapologetically accept that it's okay to not be okay – and flip the negative self-talk script into roots for personal growth.

By bringing a positive light to conversations that often get swept under our yoga mats, MNDSIGHT doles out the digital gold stars for treating yo' brain right. They recognize that it's not easy, and they love to reward their people for it (because it’s not a tangible outcome, like zero cavities from diligently brushing your teeth for years), by sharing their collective wins and challenges with their community.

They help others embrace their true nature in the process to show up authentically, achieve peace of mind and gather the tools they need to ground themselves in their everyday life (without it being an overwhelming undertaking