Dear future self |
the mndsight retreat experience

Do you ever think about the future? Research will tell us that we spend about 47% of our day outside of the present moment. So, what if we generously dedicated that 53% of typical mind wandering time in a way that benefited our future self? We know our future self already benefits from practical activites such as: taking your vitamins, consciously adding a few veggies on the dinner plate, aiming to 8 glasses of water and most of us even strive for 8 hours of quality sleep. With that, the mndsight team was still curious about how we could also support the mind and soul in this process.

What if memory is not a file drawer of photographs, but a hope chest of possibilities?
— Martin E. P. Seligman

Dear Future Self weekend retreats are created on the foundation of keeping the future self: mind, body, and soul, top of mind. Ultimately, what we do today affects who we are tomorrow and we know this cycle only exists on an exponential growth trajectory. This is great news if we choose to nurture ourselves wisely!

With 5 main avenues to explore wellness over the weekend, all attendees will be treated to delicious vegetarian/gf meals, private self-confidence photography sessions, naturopathic consults and treatments, mindful self-talk sessions and morning movement classes.

We’ve also been known to enjoy a yummy local wine, listen to some good tunes in front of the fire place, and share countless laughs.

What the DFS Class of 2018 is saying about it…

“AMAZING. It was great to meet and connect with like-minded individuals and you made it so easy for us. All we needed to do was show up!”

“The best thing you can do for yourself, is invest IN yourself. This weekend is full of growth and connection, and is a lot of fun. Jump right in!”

“10/10 so well balanced, thought out, and curated in every aspect! It was fun, challenging(in the most surprising ways!) and relaxing all at the same time.”

“You will go from being strangers to being part of a tribe in less than 72 hours. If you crave connection, love dance parties, real talk and listening to the ocean while eating the most amazing natural food breakfast; I cannot recommend enough - still dreaming about it!”

 “Magical. I never expected how much I was going to be able to let my guard down around new people. But the people and environment really made me able to break down those barriers and be myself. I felt not judged, loved the amount of scheduled time & free time. I left surprised at how much it had done for me - still high from the weekend 2 days later!”

“The DFS retreat completely recharged me. I felt like my mind and body were just floating through life, not knowing where to land. The retreat was not just about the usual practices of mindfulness but what came from it was so much more. The food, dance parties, photoshoots, discussions on nutrition, deep conversations on compassion, nature walks, and everything the weekend had to bring wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for all the amazing women it gathered and the amazing women who organized such a magical weekend. I went to the retreat on my own, not really knowing anyone, and feel like I have left with so many new friends! I feel like I have reached ground and am on a road to discovering who that future self is by all the tools this weekend has given me.”