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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class Three

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction aka MBSR

We are all profoundly unique and yet, we are all humans with a need for: love, connection, safety and self-esteem. How we get to experience our humanity is through our connection with others: loved ones, pets, strangers and even nature. If stress is constricting our lives, it restricts our ability to be present with others and the environment around us. At the intersect of curiosity, self-love and mindfulness lives freedom and the ability to respond rather than react to life's challenges.

Let's explore present moment awareness together over the course of 8 weeks. We will practice in an intimate group once a week and you will be set up with resources to practice on our own while we are apart. During week 6 or 7 we will come together for a full day retreat. I am excited to offer this program in 2018 and hold space for us to practice and get into self-discovery together.