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Since becoming a Mother, my idea of selfishness has changed drastically. Sleep is precious. Time is treasured. And being alone is sacred. As a Mother, I struggle with giving myself permission to be still, to eat slow and to reset. arose from my desire to change the negative connotations associated with selfishness.  As our social standards evolve, so do our actions, words and thoughts. Yes, the struggle is real, and #SelfCareSunday is also a thing. My hope is that slowing down and softening is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle that we live, breathe and embody 24/7. is a stepping stone towards selfishness in the most unselfish way. 

Join us in slowing down and doing something just for you. It's okay to leave the kids at home (with supervision, of course). And, this is not exclusive to just Moms. If you're someone taking care of others, this class is for you, too. 

Later Event: May 25
Camp Yoga