The wellness team

What is everyone talking about this month?

Each month, The Wellness Team comes together to talk about what is bubbling up in: our personal lives, our community, and the world. On every new moon, our wellness community (those in the practice of self-love) will receive a message from the team. Each heart felt message will be chalked full with relevant mindfulness practices, a dose of real talk, a movement challenge, real stories and memories captured in inspiring photographs.

2018: The Year of Savoring

January LENS: adventure

February LENS: Bravery

March Lens: Perception

April Lens: Creativity

May: Nourish

June: trust







Mindfulness | REAL TALK | MOVEMENT | Yoga | stories


Where you might bump into The Wellness Team this month:

  • SEPTEMBER 14-16 DEAR FUTURE SELF RETREAT on the sunshine coast (FULL- check back details on our next retreat in spring 2019)

  • OCT (TBD) silent retreat in the city - email us if you want in!

  • Sunday Dose of Wellness on Instagram LIVE - 10 minute check in

  • New Moon Dose of Wellness, curated content from our wellness team- join us by signing up!