Use your Own Unique Talents to Spread Kindness

Use your own Unique Talents to Spread Kindness

Question of the Week: Which of your own unique talents can you use to spread kindness?

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. There are so many things to love: the lights, the baked goods, egg-nog, parties and ugly sweaters, makers markets, spending Christmas morning at my parent’s house eating my mom’s famous ‘Wife Saver’ casserole, pausing before Christmas dinner so grandpa can say grace (which ends up turning into a five-minute song about his tenure in the Navy, and having to re-heat the bowl of potatoes because they get cold)… really, what’s not to love?

Another thing I love about the holidays is that people are more kind to each other.

Earlier today, I was out for a walk and every person I passed nodded a friendly hello and wished me ‘good morning.’ It made me feel so good to be acknowledged, that I ended up smiling and wishing everyone I saw after that a 'good morning,' too. Spreading Holiday spirit is contagious - and the best thing about it is it doesn’t have to cost money to do it.   

This is also one of the biggest misconceptions about spreading kindness during the holidays. Often, we attach a monetary value to it. 

I was talking to one of my friends about the different ways that she spreads kindness, and she shared that she often feels obligated to give gifts and money as an offering of kindness to her friends and family during this time of year.

When I asked her why she felt obligated she said, “I don’t have anything else to offer.”

I knew this wasn’t true, which got me thinking about which of her own unique talents she could offer them instead that wouldn’t cost a thing (or at least, not very much). From a list of a dozen, we nailed down a few:

She has beautiful handwriting and calligraphy skills. She is a sincere, good listener and gives great advice. She creates beautiful artwork and woven tapestry’s. She is an outdoor enthusiast and avid hiker, and can navigate the backwoods.

But how could she share these talents with her friends and family?

She knew that one of her friends needed help creating wedding invitations, so she offered to do them free of charge. Another one of her friends had recently gone through a breakup, so she scheduled an all-afternoon coffee date to lend an ear and offer advice. Her mom really wanted a new piece of art for her kitchen, so she decided she’d weave a special tapestry just for her. And she knew her brother and his girlfriend had always wanted to go on a hiking trip in the interior, so she planned to book a trip for them in the spring and be their guide.

In using your unique talents to spread kindness, you can create something unconditional that only YOU can offer. This is better than any gift you can buy at a store, or put money on.


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Kailey Buchanan