Comfort | The Comfort Zones, For Better Or Worse


At this time of year, comfort seems synonymous with cozy. Time spent cuddled up on couches, under blankets, enjoying warm frothy beverages, and all the soul food dinners and delicious red wine to up the cozy factor. More time inside for me usually means more time to discover new music, learn to cook new dishes, get into some good books… annnnd shop for amazing sweaters and boots ;) That said, I also love to get outside in the fall.  I’m in love with the fresh, cool, crisp air that the fall brings. Getting out into the mountains for hikes with gorgeous views, always has me feeling good. 

After a healthy dose of the summer sun, our vitamin D levels have us feeling better energy and lighter moods, we have the refreshing fall air to feel exhilarated and inspired, and cozy relaxed evenings to have us feeling rested.  The fall is a time for resets and planning all the exciting things we want to go after.

The planning side of fall comforts, has me thinking more about comfort zones.  For me, it's a zone that I stay within all too often, and I know it can hold me back in many ways.  The openness of blissful ignorance is fading, and my analytical mind seems to win most battles.  I always look before I leap, and many times that means turning back or changing directions.  I anticipate challenges, consider the risks of potentially disappointing outcomes and wasted time, and I choose comfort and ease.  A lot of it is subconscious too, often just defaulting to comfort zones.  Past challenges and traumas trigger a fearful way of being and guide our behaviours to protect ourselves.  For all of these reasons, it seems that the tendency to stay within my comfort zone has become somewhat of a habit, and currently my default way of being.

Recently I’ve had a bit more time lately to reflect on the things I want for myself, and I know that being stuck in my comfort zone is a barrier, and it gets in the way of going after the things I’ve dreamt up for myself.  I am waiting on different or new outcomes while continuing to do the same things… telling myself I’m trusting the process.  Opportunities get missed by making decisions out of fear around the potential to fail in one way or another… vs taking leaps of faith and trusting.  I catch myself making choices predominantly made from a place of fear… fear of leaving my comfort zone, instead of allowing excitement and trust to prevail. 

When I reflect on it, I know leaving my comfort zone (for the right reasons) can only bring good things; new experiences, OR new lessons.  Both reasons to flip my perspective, and step out of that comfort zone with trust and excitement. 

Here’s to a fall filled with all the comforts and getting out of comfort zones :)

-Dr. Brett Simpson, mndsight resident naturopathic doc

Chrissy Abram