Comfort | The Seasonality of Comfort

As we enter the fall season, we all have our rituals to stay warm and to create the feeling of being cozy; it’s important to keep that top of mind.  It’s so easy to get into auto pilot with life’s responsibilities and continue on the path of the last season. So this month, through the lens of comfort, I have become curious about how the seasons change my definition.

Below I share my family and personal rituals, these are unique to the fall season and have aided in our comfort:

I find Comfort in Control & Order

I am a type A individual and take comfort in having things in order.  One of my rituals for a new season is to clean and purge. I usually soak up every minute during the summer to be out living life and am hardly at home.  Once the fall comes, household tasks and errands have piled up. To start the fall season, I like to clean, purge and get the house and closet ready for the fall season.  We usually pick 2 weekends in a row and ensure we don’t commit to any plans.

Comfort in Food

As fall approaches, I feel nostalgic thinking of all the evenings spent at home with my family around meals.  Being a Vancouverite, the rain acts as a reminder to hibernate and take time to refuel. I do this by pulling out my slow cooker and prepping for a new season of meals.  I am huge foodie and take comfort in curries, soups and generally anything that keeps me warm and cozy.

Finding Comfort in being Alone

I find the summers are full of backyard BBQ’s, group hikes, days at the beach and many evenings on the patio with a glass of Rose.  As the fall approaches, I seek comfort in being less social and focusing on time alone. This can come in the form of a Sunday on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea, or a weekend marathon with some Netflix.  Either way, I love wrapping up in my snuggie and staying cozy indoors.

What does comfort look like for you? Where do you seek comfort? How does it show up? What might you be able to do to carve time to give attention to this feeling?

- Tas Goel, mindful mom

Chrissy Abram