Let go of comparison, let go of guilt, let go of fear

When I think of bravery, I think of self-trust.  I think of relinquishing fear and self-doubt.  In healthcare especially, this idea is paramount to our perception of wellbeing.  So much of our experience with health is intricately tied to fear.  The hypochondriac spirit is alive and well in most of us.  After naturopathic medical school, I can tell you that…. the more you learn, the more you think is wrong with you!  These thoughts have to be kept in check, in order to withstand the external factors that ignite feelings of fear and self-doubt within us. 

Our fears around health and wellbeing, shift us away from trusting our intuition. 

Whether we are doing the right thing, eating the right way, taking the right tests, or choosing the right treatments. We develop trust in ourselves and in our bodies, by getting to know them better.  This requires concerted efforts to tune our attention in, and tune out the outside noise that clouds our senses.  There are countless external factors that influence and guide us to believe that there is a right and a wrong way to navigate our health.  We fear that if we don't make the right choice, we may slip into a deterioration that reflects the worst case scenarios that we observe on TV, or on internet searches. 


Be brave enough to make your own decisions.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  Get to know what foods work for your system, and know that it’ll be different from your friend’s, or family member’s, or your favorite health blogger’s.  Know when a workout will clear your head, and when it will make you feel more exhausted.  Know when that extra cup of coffee is going to leave you feeling unsettled and scattered, and not give you energy or improve focus.  Check in with yourself after eating grains, red meat, sugars, any food… notice your energy, notice your mental state, notice if you get bloated, etc.  Notice how you feel from 8hrs of sleep, versus 6 or 10.  A sense of bravery develops from the confidence of knowing and trusting ourselves.  Know what’s right for you.  Understand that our path to health is as unique as our thumbprint, following someone else’s path will rarely serve us.

Let go of comparison, let go of guilt, let go of fear. 

Be curious about what your symptoms mean, make changes where needed, and always make sure to check in and evaluate what is working for you along the way.  Actively engage with the signals your body is sending you, and trust that when it has what it needs, the body can overcome some immense challenges.

Lighten the stress load, it’s an essential part of healing. 

A balanced nervous system supports a strong immune system.   Stress and fear cloud our judgment, make problems where they don't exist (mentally and physically), and in a real and measurable way, inhibit our immune system. When you are feeling overwhelmed with your health, check in and listen to what your body is gently nudging you, …or swiftly shoving you to notice.  Make time for calm breaths, get good sleeps, move your body, and develop your own self-care and mindfulness techniques to ensure that you are able to accurately interpret signals, and decipher what your body needs.

Cultivating self-awareness on all fronts, mentally, emotionally and physically is our most powerful tool.  There’s bravery in trusting ourselves and our intuition.  We can be much more grounded in our experience of health when we’re not swayed by the multitude of external influencers.  Let symptoms be a sign, not an offense. Let’s move to become curious about symptoms, develop our intuition, foster our self-trust… and I’m sure we will all feel a lot braver as the inevitable health tornadoes pass. Be brave enough to let your body take a break from your fears. 

-Dr. Brett Simpson, Resident Naturopathic Doctor