Bravery | The Sticky Note Practice

Hello, 2018! How are we already past Valentine's Day and should I start booking summer road trips?! Does anyone else feel like time has flown by? I am going to imagine you are nodding your head yes or you just smirked.

So, here's MY deal- I have this overwhelming feeling that I need to dig my heels in, pull the E-Brake, and halt all of the traffic. Can we just slow down a bit without trying to plan calendars 6 months out and forecast 5 year business growth? However, what comes with all of this slowing down and staying in the present moment is a little thing called, TRUST. Being able to trust in the knowing that I am exactly where I need to be right now; life will unfold in whatever way it is meant for me. Sometimes, the trust part is hard for me. I am a typical Capricorn, I love to plan and forecast. This quality is something that can be amazing in my line of work, but sometimes this muscle of mine out flexes the TRUSTing side of me.

Over the next 29 days, I invite you to flex your BRAVERY muscle and experiment with me. Of course there will be times where we need to project future plans, design experiences 6 months out, and take care of business but what can you let go of right now and trust that it will unfold in its own time.

I am a big believer in anchoring my practices; by linking this practice to something I already do it will make it easier for me to adopt and do.  Here is what I suggest, grab a pen and 2 sticky notes.


Place these stickies on your closet door. Every morning, before you go to change take an inhale and repeat sticky 1 silently to yourself. On your exhale repeat sticky 2 silently to yourself.

I can't wait to practice with you over the next 29 days! Take a pic of your stickies or your practice. I would love to follow you on your journey! #mndsightvibe

-Chrissy Abram, Mindfulness Teacher & Co-Founder of mndsight

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