Trust | Trust your gut, follow your intuition

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I was fourteen the first time I was told to ‘trust my gut,’ and leaned into the power of my own intuition.

I’d just broken up with my first boyfriend and my mom was sitting with me on the edge of my bed, coaching me through my tears.  I was debating whether breaking up with this anonymous person was the right choice. At the time, the decision felt like life or death.  

“What does your gut tell you?” she asked, in response to me asking her if I had done the right thing.

What a weird question, I thought to myself. How is this relevant to my situation?

“My gut is telling me that I ate too much at lunch,” I responded.

“No,” she said, shaking her head.

“What does your gut feeling – your intuition – tell you? Maybe it’s a tingling sensation in your body; down to your bones. Maybe you feel your energy shift. Maybe you hear an inner voice. Your body has all the answers you need.”

I let this resonate with me for a moment, before realizing that I did have a strong feeling toward the situation. Even though I was sad, I felt relieved. I knew immediately this was the answer I’d been searching for. I’d made the right choice (and boy, did I ever need to trust my gut with dating down the road!)

My intuition has acted as my inner compass ever since, and I lean into it most when searching for answers to some of the biggest and hardest decisions; like when I moved to Vancouver from Calgary for a new job. I remember my heart beating fast out of excitement and fear as I signed the offer letter, which meant I’d be leaving the place I’d called home for my entire life and moving to a new city where nothing was familiar. But my inner voice told me how much I’d regret it if I didn’t go. So, I trusted my instincts, signed the dotted line, and made the leap.

My intuition also pops up when I least expect it, like the other day when I was faced with a conflicting situation between myself and a good friend. I didn’t agree with how my friend was handling the situation, and my gut told me I needed to speak up and share my opinion and beliefs, even if she wasn’t going to agree with my point of view.

This has been the most challenging part of trusting my intuition; when there are other people involved.

I can think back on many instances in the past where I knew deep down that I disagreed with a person, point of view or situation, but I never spoke up out of fear that other people might not agree with me.

And what I’ve realized through the experiences where I didn’t trust my intuition, my inner compass, is that I gave away my power. My truth. I let myself down.

Trusting your intuition is an open invitation to trust yourself. And that’s something you shouldn’t never ignore.


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