Energy | Energy… mental, physical, and emotional


Filled with energy and sapped of it, all at once.  I’m sitting in Whistler, part way through the September long weekend, with a cup of delicious tea on the balcony as I write this.  Our theme this month for our monthly dose of wellness is energy, and I have two minds about it right now! I feel exhausted, but energized on a deeper level.  It's a good feeling.

There are a number of things that deplete our energy levels, and I have experienced many of them! Whether its iron deficiency anemia, mono, thyroid issues, digestive issues, sleep difficulties, stress or emotional burn out. Not having the energy to do the things you like to do, takes a toll on us in so many ways.  We no longer feel like ourselves; feeling unmotivated, foggy minded, lazy, and just generally low.

Physical and mental exertion leave me tired, but when I’m emotionally exhausted, it's a very different feeling.  When I’m emotionally exhausted, I feel completely unsettled, anxious, unable to be present, and can change my entire outlook for the negative.  This is the kind of tired that I fear the most, but it’s also the kind of tired that spurs a lot of growth. It takes me out of my comfort zone.  It’s not a great feeling, but it pushes me to learn more about myself each time. How did I become depleted? What do my body and mind need to stay energized?  What do I need to change to benefit my mental, physical and emotional energy?

Whistler, where I have spent my summers growing up, is a place that builds my energy.  The days are full; always involving some sort of sport (a hike, a swim, a bike ride), a walk through the village, great food, and quality time and conversations with friends and family.  The days are full, and the sleeps are solid. Utterly exhausted by the end of the days, but waking up relaxed and lighter. The type of exhaustion that leaves you charged.

So what is it, about Whistler, that charges my batteries?  It’s the perfect storm for me of things that fill my tank. I’m usually here with family, or close friends. I feel comfortable being myself… no energy wasted on a self-conscious thought.  I spend the better part of my day outside; getting exercise, breathing fresh air, clearing my mind, generating endorphins. I feel present here… my to-do list stays back in Vancouver; grocery lists, chores, schedules, and work.  Every activity, and meal is decided as you go… complementing what you need most at that time. You live in the present, and learn how to tune back in with yourself. It's a body and mind tired, but emotionally I feel well.

Of course for me, Whistler is a vacation.  BUT the space it holds for me is what I connect back to when I’m starting to lose my energy in my regular day to day.  I know I need to be more present, get out for some fresh air, step away from the to-do list, check in with myself to tap into what I actually want or need in the moment, and choose to surround myself with the people that I feel most loved and supported by.  This is where the emotional energy bank gets filled, and keeps me feeling positive and progressing. These are the things I need to come back to, to gain the energy that fuels and perpetuates itself.

-Dr. Brett Simpson, Naturopathic Doc

Chrissy Abram