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I learned about the power of harnessing positive energy in my late twenties.

At this point in my life, I was going through an endless cycle of being constantly stressed, depressed and sick.

My grandma (who is a shaman and energy healer) told me that to combat these issues, I needed to open myself to positive energy by shifting my current situation and perspective.

She explained I needed to surround myself with thoughts and feelings that make me feel genuinely happy and balanced – which would influence and change my life for the better.

She observed that I was allowing negative energy to seep into my life, which is why I was continually sick, unhappy and troubled.

When she told me this, I realized that I was holding on to things that were weighing me down and getting in the way of my happiness.

I was working in a career I wasn’t passionate about. I was holding on to friendships with people who were toxic. I felt disconnected from my body and self. I let small things affect my mood; I was angry and easily set off.

I was interested to see what could happen by shifting my perspective and adopting more positive attitudes and practices.

So, I focused on the things I knew I needed to shift.  

I cut ties with people who made me feel unappreciated and weren’t aligned with my core values. I quit my job and moved into a new career that excited me made me feel passionate and want to roll out of bed in the morning. I made time for myself and prioritized my health. I tried not to get upset by the little things.

Some of these things were incredibly hard to change, but it was incredible how I instantaneously felt a difference. My mood shifted. I felt lighter and happier. I was less stressed and felt healthier. I felt genuinely happy and more balanced.

Now, opening myself to positive energy is one if my regular wellness practices.

Whenever I’m feeling unbalanced, unhappy and troubled, or I’m facing a stressful or negative situation, I consider whether I can leverage positive energy to shift my perspective. Usually, it’s always a yes.

I have a recent example of this.

My boyfriend and I hosted some unexpected family at our apartment over the weekend. The thought of hosting our visitors for the entire weekend made me feel anxious and frustrated that I had to give up my plans and share my own space with them.

Taking a step back, I forced myself to reconsider the situation.

I could choose to approach the situation negatively – to be angry that they interrupted our plans and would be encroaching on my space - which would likely affect my mood for the entire weekend. Or, I could approach the situation positively.

Shifting my perspective, I re-evaluated the situation as an opportunity for us to see our family who we never get to visit with, and practice being more accommodating. Looking at the situation in this way also positively shifted my mood and energy – and I ended up having the best weekend.

Harnessing positive energy is a practice, but one that’s so important in shaping your perspective and creating a happier, more balanced life.

Question: Are there any places that you can harness positive energy right now in your own life?

-Kailey Buchanan, Communications Expert 

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