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Chrissy Abram | Co-Founder of mndsight

Chrissy is the type of person you'll find yourself suddenly sharing that one really embarrassing story with, because there's hardly a soul that can’t open up around her. She’s a curiously kind creature, and a natural listener that welcomes simultaneous expansion with her loved ones. “OMG, I can’t believe I just shared that with you!” ← says everyone who meets her.

When she's not pouring friends a cup of green tea (or a glass of red wine), she's likely researching the next trend in mindfulness, eating salad for breakfast (because she honest-to-goodness, just loves eating her greens), sharing the behind-the-scenes of her brain on Instagram… Or making her entrance on a stage to chat about the intersection between mindfulness and neuroscience, Ellen-Degeneres-style.

Her foray into the wellness world was triggered by the end of another: a career playing competitive soccer. Once she swapped chalk-lined fields for a 9-5, she was left with molehills of self-doubt, anxiety and a whole lotta body problems – like renal failure and broken bones – that morphed in mountains that her mind had to move.

That's when she realized she had to swap negative self-talk for the power of positive thinking, if she wanted to create the kind of resilience she needed to move forward (thanks, psych degree!). By diving deep into learning and teaching yoga as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), she naturally gravitated towards fusing mindfulness and neuroscience into her everyday life.

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Court Abram | Co-Founder of mndsight

I think I wanna go to Mexico next week. You in?” ← that’s what Courtney is most likely to text her best friend on a Friday night, and says everything about her: she lives to be wild, spontaneous and spirited. She’s a passport with unlimited pages, ready to stamp one life experience after another without hesitation.

That confidence, in fact, is what she’s always tried to help her photography clients (yup, she does that too) with: she wants everyone to feel unapologetically comfortable in their skin – mental and physical.

Whether it’s making people double over with the laughs-till-it-hurts during personal portrait sessions on MNDSIGHT’s retreats, leading initiatives like the Olympic Program at Lululemon or managing strategic partnerships at Saje Wellness, Courtney is the ultra-wholistic communicator. She believes in not holding back. Her glass is always half full, and if yours isn’t… She’s always there with a refill.

With MNDSIGHT, she’s the brains behind the candles lit as soon as you walk into their retreats, fresh tulips in the corner, the eye masks under your pillow and the cozy sweater laid out on your bed. Showing up for yourself deserves a high five! She’s always setting you up for a win and cheering you for getting your brain into a spa like the hype girl she is.

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Kailey Buchanan

Kailey lives in Vancouver, BC with her boyfriend and their dog, Toro. She works at the lululemon head office in retail operations, and is passionate about running, yoga, tacos and writing.  She has a master’s degree in communication and wrote her thesis about the relationship between women and yoga, and how the practice can help women in Western society accept more loving attitudes about themselves and their bodies. Kailey's best life is when she is sharing words of wisdom that empowers others to live their best lives. 

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Tas goel

Tas is a true Vancouverite, although exploring and working around the globe has always been a core component of her life. She best describes her life and passions with the 5 F's: Family, Friends, Fitness, Food and Fashion. A certified yoga instructor and Talent Manager at lululemon, Tas is committed to learning and growing everyday, finding lessons in the littlest details of her day. She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals by asking the tough questions and is known for being a compassionate listener. As a new mom, Tas has taken on her transformations with stride while creating a new version of her best self.

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Dr. Brett Simpson

Dr. Brett Simpson is our resident naturopathic doctor. Through her own experiences, and education she has continued to further her understanding of the many aspects that contribute to our sense of wellbeing and health.  With a background in psychology, Dr. Brett has a particular interest in how mental health, and how we feel about ourselves, affects our physical body.  She strives to help her patients understand their state of health, and find balance emotionally, physically, and mentally.  She is passionate about supporting her patients in their capacity to enjoy improved energy and wellbeing, allowing for the health and momentum to go after their hearts’ bigger aspirations and joys.  Dr. Brett is constantly learning how to take better care of herself and enjoys supporting others in their ability to do the same.  Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Dr. Brett loves to spend time by the sea and mountains whenever possible, especially with the company of family, friends and her fluffy little love, Lennie. 

Certifications:  Naturopathic doctor, IV Therapies, Prescriptive Authority, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, B.Sc Psychology

Catch Brett @IVWellness and keep an eye out for her section in the mndsight new moon wellness update