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Chrissy and Court blew us away with their presentation on Being a Mindful Human at our February 2019 Young Women in Business event Celebrating Women. Not only did they get the group moving and practicing a few mindful techniques to get out of our heads and into our bodies, we also felt their personal examples of love, forgiveness and freeing ourselves from doubt were certainly impactful. We look forward to having the Abrams sisters come back to a YWiB event in the future.”
— Brenda Rigney, YWiB VP Events
I went into the talk expecting to sit through a corporate presentation on a company, but instead found myself actively participating in a group activity that collectively bonded everyone in the room and brought back a sense of warmth and humanism into each and every one of us. I really enjoyed how Mndsight used visual, verbal and kinaesthetic touch-points throughout the presentation to keep the audience engaged. As well, I could really sense the speakers passion for helping people become more mindful in their everyday actions through their expressions and excited tone of voice.
— - Winnie Xu, UBC Imprint Conference
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